Economic Empowerment


It’s a vicious cycle. Overwhelming poverty exacerbates Africa’s most pressing problems – massive unemployment, HIV/AIDS, conflict, lack of health care, clean water and sanitation. These problems in turn lead to even more poverty. ACBF works on empowerment projects that attack and eradicate poverty from the root.


Poverty leads to hopelessness. The results of widespread poverty range from premature motherhood and prostitution to exploitation of children and recruitment into insurgent groups.


80% of Nigerian youths are without jobs. Unemployment among youth presents an ongoing threat to the stability of Nigerian communities. In partnership with Central Bank of Nigeria, ACBF implements trainings via her ACBF Academy Platform on Entrepreneurship Development and Vocational Skills such as Agriculture, ICT, Recycling ACBF established and manages the Entrepreneurial Development Center (EDC) program for Nigeria’s North Central geo-political zone.


Over 35,000 individuals trained on entrepreneurship. Nearly 150 million naira given in grants. Hundreds of businesses are linked to financial credit of up to 56 million Naira. Over 2000 families in IDP communities are fed each month. 100 women and youth trained on recycling.