Global Health

Grassroot Health Service Delivery

Global health practitioners have expanded the scope of how we view delivery of health services. It is now recognized that health care is the purview of each and every one of us – not just medical and health workers. ACBF’s involvement in global health started as our program managers ascertained that some of the most promising recipients were challenged by health issues. In order to help these recipients achieve their fullest potential as employers and employees, we needed to ensure that they were healthy enough to perform. ACBF is an implementation partner on projects that mitigate the social, emotional and economic impacts that result from lack of adequate access to healthcare and particularly HIV/AIDS. We reach under-served populations in a manner that will continue to touch lives long after our work is done.
  • HIV/AIDS education, testing and counseling
  • Reproductive Health
  • Women’s Health (Mother & Child wellness)
  • Orphans & Vulnerable Children Advocacy & Referrals